Omuro Kaikan is a
“shukubo” or temple lodging, located on
the grounds of the World Heritage Site Ninna-ji Temple

Before the gates open, you’ll have the temple grounds all to yourself and have the chance to view a morning Buddhist service.

An exclusive experience available only through a temple stay at Omuro Kaikan.

Stay at Ninna-ji Temple, a World Heritage Site, founded in 888.

Omuro Kaikan is located on the temple grounds of Kyoto’s World Heritage Site, Ninna-ji Temple.
With buildings dating back to the 8th century, the temple precincts still holds a deep connection with Japan’s imperial family and aristocrats lineage.

Enjoy the crisp airand serene scenery ofa World Heritage Site

Before the gates open,
in the early morning,
take a quiet stroll around the temple grounds,
one of the perks of a temple stay.
Enjoy the many important cultural properties, such as the must-see five-storied pagoda.

A new style of temple stay,
extending beyond common temple accommodation.

Omuro Kaikan is more than just a temple lodging. Visitors can enjoy a restaurant and cafe, and take advantage of our events and business venues all year long as well.
This is a new kind of temple accommodation, offering multi-use services in response to the various needs of our guests and visitors.

Enjoy local foods and sweets typical of Kyoto.

When visiting Ninnaji, take time to visit our restaurant “Bon” to try some of our local dishes and sweets made of seasonal ingredients.

A large venue for your gatherings

Omuro Kaikan, in the World Heritage Site of Ninna-ji Temple is a very popular place for all type of gatherings.
Equipped with a meeting room and a large Japanese style banquet hall, it can be used as a venue for seminars, meetings, training programs, events, and cultural activities.

Stay one night and visit the 3 major World Heritage Sites making the “Kinukake-no-michi” road…
“Kinukake-no-michi” is a sightseeing road with a total length of about 2.5 km (about a 30 minute walk) that connects three World Heritage Sites from Kinkaku-ji Temple to Ninna-ji Temple via Ryoan-ji Temple. It is named “Kinukake” literally meaning “drapped with silk”, after the historical fact that Emperor Uda commanded that he be able to see a snowy landscape even in summer, this was done by hanging white silk over the slopes of the nearby mountain. It is a tourist area that tells of the history of the imperial aristocracy from the 8th century to the 16th century. Along the road are many schools and places where you can catch a glimpse into the daily life of Kyoto’s citizens. There are also many restaurants, making it a convenient sightseeing route to explore during your stay.
Omuro Kaikan was completed in 1978 with a subsidy from the Japan Shipbuilding Industry Association (currently the Nippon Foundation) as a facility to nurture the youth with a sound mind and body.
Since then, we have been continually accommodating young groups, such as school groups and international student groups. In addition, our facilities are also used as a place for local events, such as various workshops and study camps.
Facility Name
Omuro Kaikan “Youth training dojo”
Ninna-ji Temple, 33 Omuro Ouchi, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto-shi
Phone number
By 9:00
Yukata, face towel, toothbrush set
Building structure
2 floors above ground, 1 floor underground
Person capacity
Guest rooms: 66 persons
*Consultation is required for group use.
Kyoto Cuisine Japanese Restaurant “Bon”
Available (free)
10 cars / 2 buses
*Click here for more information
12 Japanese-style rooms
1 single person room (1 person cap.) / 4 small group rooms (3 person cap.) / 5 medium group size room (7 person cap.) / 1 large group room (8 person cap.) / 1 extra-large group room (10 person cap.)
*Click here for more information
Communal bathing rooms
1 large & 1 small bathing room
Open 16:30~23:00

*The baths are not open in the mornings.
Available in each guest room.
*There may be some areas with poor connection
Other facilities
Gift shop / meeting rooms (BF) / vending machines

Guest reviews

I had a very good experience staying this time and the last time. All the staff members greeting me warmly everywhere I went, and I had a very comfortable stay and wonderful time. I would like to stay here again. Thank you very much.
(Original review translated from Japanese to English)


The room, bath, and toilet were all very clean and my stay was very comfortable.
The accommodation was as expected. The same care was given before, especially to the cleanliness of the room and the facilities. It was a really relaxing stay. I will bring my grandchildren next time. To all the staff, thank you for always doing your best and with pride at this wonderful “Hana no Yu”.
(Original review translated from Japanese to English)