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Take home some Ninna-ji Temple keepsakes

Directly managed by Omuro Kaikan, here you can find a wide variety of Ninna-ji Temple original products, famous Kyoto sweets, prayer beads, handmade Japanese accessories, and Kyoto specialty foods.
Come by for a souvenir of your trip to Kyoto.

Recommended items

Shogoin Yatsuhashi (Ninna-ji Temple limited edition of a famous Kyoto sweet.)
Ninna Incense (special product of Ninna-ji Temple)
Ori Gojokesa
Sticky notes (Five-storied pagoda with cherry blossom design)
Oil blotting sheets (Five-storied pagoda with cherry blossom design)
Omuro rice crackers (21 count)
Wheat crackers (15 count)
Dried sardine snack with sansho (Japanese pepper)
Maneki Neko (lucky cat) amulet
Maneki Neko (lucky cat) clasp purse
Manki Neko (lucky cat) pouch
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Omuro Kaikan’s first floor lobby
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