Enjoy an extraordinary experience
within a World Heritage Site

Passing through the majestic gate of Ninna-ji Temple, you are transported to a serene sanctuary.
In this place, where Japan’s Emperor Uda was once head priest, take a peaceful moment to reflect on the “now”.

Exclusive benefits for guests in-stay

Guests staying at Omuro Kaikan benefit extra cultural services and experiences.
Morning Buddhist service
A contemplating ritual involving the five senses
Exclusive access to the main temple building, the “Kondo” Hall, where you can observe the morning Buddhist service in the intimacy of this registered cultural property and national treasure.
Admission ticket giftto Ninna-ji Palace.
Disclose the former Imperial Palace of Emperor Uda
Receive an admission ticket for Ninna-ji Palace, which served as Imperial Palace for the retired Emperor Uda in the past.

For first-time guests of shukubo

Shukubo, or temple stay, is an accommodation facility attached to a temple or shrine.
In the past, use was restricted to monks or pilgrims, but now it is also open to the general public.
Omuro Kaikan has shared baths and toilets, but our guest rooms are private.
Please come and enjoy our welcoming temple lodging to have a memorable experience during your stay in Japan.
For groups
We have guest rooms that can accommodate up to 10 people.
Strengthen relations among students, co-workers, and friends through a memorable stay experience at Ninna-ji Temple.
For families
Feel free to come with your children, we are family friendly.
We can prepare kid friendly meals and they are welcome to participate in the morning Buddhist services.
For couples
Come spend some time together at the World Heritage Site Ninna-ji Temple, an extraordinary space.
Make your time together even more special by taking an early morning stroll through the grounds and enjoying the fresh morning air.
Stay and accommodations

Guest rooms

A place for peace and relaxation
All guest rooms are Japanese-style. Baths and toilets are communal (separate for men and women).
Here you can enjoy the traditional yet comfortable atmosphere of an authentic Japanese temple lodging.
The perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and just relax.
Extra large group room
Sleeps 10 person
Large group room
Sleeps 8 person
Medium size group room
Sleeps 7 person
Small group room
Sleeps 3 person
Single person room
Sleeps 1 person
Online reservations


We offer a variety of seasonal dishes typical of a temple stay
Dinner features a Kyoto style Kaiseki cuisine using seasonal ingredients.
Enjoy the authentic flavors of Japan’s ancient capital with your five senses.

*Since we use seasonal ingredients, the menu may change depending on the season.
*Meals (dinner and breakfast) will be served at the restaurant.
Breakfasts are vegetarian with yudofu (boiled tofu) as the main dish.
The menu and flavors are simple yet healthy and are particular to shukubo, different from what you would have at a hotel or ryokan.
Kids menu
For young children, we have a special kids meal with fried shrimp and hamburg steak.
*Ingredients may change depending on the season and availability.



There are two communal baths, large and small (one for women, one for men, depending on the day).
Soak in the warm water and stretch out your legs, letting the fatigue from your trip fade away.

Bath hours: 16:30~23:00  
*The baths are closed in the morning.

There is body wash and 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner in the bath area, and hair dryers are available in the dressing area.
*Please bring your own bath towels, we do not provide them.

Large bath


The first-floor lobby provides a relaxing and calm space to wait for someone or to just take a break.
There is another lobby on the 2nd floor, giving you more options to relax. Please use the stairs or the elevator to access the 2nd floor.

Gift shop

At the gift shop, managed by Omuro Kaikan, you can find a variety of original Ninna-ji Temple products, incense, Kyoto sweets, prayer beads, handmade Japanese accessories, and Kyoto specialty foods. Come by to get your Kyoto souvenir.


By 9:00
From 23:00
Room features
air conditioner, safe, mini fridge
Yukata, face towel, toothbrush set
*Please bring your own bath towels, we do not provide them.
*If you wish to use a hair dryer in your room you can borrow one free of charge from the front desk.
Free Wi-Fi is available in all guest rooms
*The connection may be weak in some areas.
Communal toilets available on each floor
Large and small baths
*There is body wash and 2-in-1 shampoo & conditioner in the bath area, and hair dryers are available in the dressing area.
Bath hours
*The baths are closed in the morning.
Japanese restaurant “Bon”
Dinner hours
Breakfast hours
Free parking available
Spaces for 10 cars / 2 busses
*More information can be found here
Communal baths (large & small baths), communal sinks & toilets (located on each floor, separate for men & women), Japanese restaurant “Bon”, drink vending machines, gift shop, elevator
Number of guest rooms
12 Japanese style rooms (by max occupancy)
1 person / 1 room, 3 person / 4 rooms, 7 person / 5 rooms, 8 person / 1 room, 10 person / 1 room